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You know, the temptation to put in my generic lifestyle comment here is almost irresistable. ("I've got the lifestyle of a struggling writer/incompetent housewife/mooch, what's yours?")

Look, just because I don't wish you a happy birthday or respond with sympathy to how godawful your cow-orkers are or cheer you on when you get a job opportunity or whatever doesn't mean I don't care. I just can't figure out how to say anything without feeling that I'm sounding like a complete moron.

I've decided to admit to being interested in something, much of which seems to begin with S. Oh, the thrills and excitement.

Friends List Notes and Policy Thingy: Adding me to your friends list is fine by me; I do appreciate being told where you came from if you're interested in telling me. I don't return listing automatically, though, so if you're offended by that sort of thing, save us both the aggravation. ;) I used to post a fair amount, but have no current thoughts about my posting frequency, so read or not at your own risk and discretion; essentially none of my posts are filtered. Anonymous posts are automatically screened; I will unscreen most as I get to them. (I leave private communications and trolling screened.)

Possibly useful about-me stuff:

Explanation of my vast, pathetic vistas of self-expression (also known as my userpics). I keep it updated with comments, though have not done so in some time, so should probably scrap the whole thing and redo.

I founded and moderate diffambitious.

Cherryh is love.

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Friend map. There's a way of getting yourself onto the map if you want to. Go do it if you think it's cool. Or don't if you don't. Whichever. ;)

Also, so I don't misplace it again:

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